With more than millions of MPPT solar charge controllers sold in over 135 countries and areas since 2001 — running in some of the most extreme environments & mission-critical applications in the world — Ipandee New Energy is truly “one of the leading supplier of solar controllers.” Ipandee’s stable and reliable functions, quality and competitive price has led to our success. We continually strive to keep our quality and reliability at an industry-record high. Use the selector below to quickly find the product you are looking for, or talk yo our sales if you need to customzie with your own design and functions of MPPT solar charge controllers, with our own R&D team we support OEM/ODM service, we have customized unconventional MPPT solar charge controllers for more than 500 solar projects.

MPPT solar charge controller for Sale

Explorer-N; Explorer-NS series MPPT solar charge controllers are designed for 12V/24V off grid soalr systems. These two series MPPT solar controllers can be used to power RVs, Yaht, boat,remote monito...
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There are 6 series of MPPT solar charge controllers for our 12V/24V/36V/48V, ranging from 300w-5kw, which can be waidely installed for RVs, Yaht, mines, oil fields, road monitoring, telecommunications...
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48v/96v MPPT solar charge controllers are mainly for 3kw-10kw off grid solar systems, have been widely used in telecom tower solar power systems, mines, oil fields, small solar farm, household, and ot...
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MPPT solar charge controller Advantages

High charging efficiency

Compared with traditional PWM, the charging efficiency is increased by 20%-30%, and there is almost no current loss.

Superior performance

It has excellent performance in low sunlight, can identify various power peaks, and prolong battery life.

Small size

The MPPT controller is small in size, easy to install and easy to operate.

Integrated monitoring

Multiple MPPT controllers can be integrated in parallel for monitoring, convenient communication and low maintenance costs.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller Working Principle

MPPT Solar Charge Controller Working Principle
MPPT Solar Charge Controller Working Principle

The MPPT solar charging control is completed through the DC conversion circuit. The photovoltaic cell array and the load are connected through the DC circuit. The maximum power tracking device continuously detects the current and voltage changes of the photovoltaic array, and according to the changes, the PWM drive signal of the DC converter is occupied. than adjust. In general, the MPPT controller will track the maximum power point in the solar panel in real time to maximize the efficiency of the solar panel. The higher the voltage, the more power can be output through maximum power tracking, which improves the charging efficiency.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller Operations

MPPT Solar Charge Controller Operations
  • 01

    Check whether the connection of the voltage source is disconnected to avoid electric shock or equipment short circuit.

  • 02

    Connect the positive and negative wires of the MPPT controller battery, PV photovoltaic panel, and DC load.

  • 03

    When the MPPT controller is powered on, pay attention to the opening sequence of the air switch, 1, battery; 2, PV photovoltaic power supply; 3, DC load, turn on the power switch of the air switch in turn.

  • 04

    Connect the equipped communication monitoring equipment.

  • 05

    After the connection and communication monitoring is completed, set the parameters.

  • 06

    Check whether the equipment is running normally.