Ipandee household, commercial and industrial solutions mainly for residential roof (including farmers, villas, sun room, roof, roof, business super, office building, etc.), the user power consumption and electricity prices are relatively high, more substantial return on investment, enterprises can use green power at the same time, the energy conservation and emissions reduction, the effect of green environmental protection.


Ipandee household and industrial and commercial solutions are characterized by efficient power generation, safety and reliability, intelligent operation and maintenance, etc. The products adopt self-developed patented MPPT control algorithm technology, which can always maintain the maximum power point tracking efficiency in high and low power segments. While for solar energy panels have the double function of charging current limit, the limit of power, and high temperature protection mechanism of charging power down automatically, fully guarantee the products in excess of photovoltaic modules and access system stability under high temperature and running environment, agents for the door with investors, installer, provide one-stop hassle free services.


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