96V/192V/240V/384V MPPT solar charge controllers are mainly applicable to high power solar off grid systems higher than 5kw-50kw, such as solar power plant stations, oil fields, mines, solar energy storage system,energy storage power stations, solar farm etc. Parallel charging functions enable our MPPT solar charge controller to support higher than 100kw solar systems.

96V/192V/240V/384V/480V Large MPPT solar charge controllers are designed to handle a very high power output and are typically used in large-scale solar energy systems, such as those used in industrial or utility-scale applications. They are generally more powerful and sophisticated than small or medium MPPT solar charge controllers, and may have additional features and capabilities, such as the ability to manage multiple batteries or to support different types of charging algorithms. They may also have advanced monitoring and control capabilities, allowing them to be integrated into larger energy management systems.

96V/192V/240V/384V/480V Large Project/OEM/ODM MPPT Solar Charge Controller For Sale

Galaxy series (96V-480V,60A-100A)MPPT solar charge controller
Galaxy series 96V 192V 216V 240V 360V 384V MPPT solar charge controller is designed for high power off grid system, stable and reliable quality and functions , OEM/ODM service available
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