Founded in 2011, IPANDEE New Energy is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. It provides photovoltaic controllers, photovoltaic systems, program formulation and related photovoltaic technical support services for the photovoltaic industry.

The company has passed the ISO9001/ISO14001 quality and environmental management system certification, and has won a number of invention patents, practical patents, software works, appearance patents, and other products in the field of photovoltaic application, as well as has won the technical application awards issued by the global photovoltaic industry authority for many years.

After more than 10 years of hard work, we have the first-class R&D of off-grid, grid-connected and energy storage system products, as well as the service ability of personalized customization of solutions. In particular, the independent brand of MPPT controller has been designated as the national engineering project supplier by many countries in the world. At present, different series of products run efficiently and stably in high temperature, humid heat, rain, high altitude, wind and sand and other harsh natural environments, which has been highly recognized by the market and widely praised by customers, especially in the field of household, base station, security, telecom tower, forest fire prevention and other engineering field.

The Development History of iPandee

Shenzhen, China. ipandee set sail, a group of young people began to explore the road of business;


In response to the policy of new energy and reducing greenhouse effect, we have set up a first-class professional R&D team in the industry and officially started the road of independent brand development in MPPT controller.


The self-developed MPPT smart1 series controller made its grand debut, just like a beam of light in the dark, opening a new era of low conversion to high conversion efficiency of solar energy;


Continuous R & D investment has brought better product experience, obtained a number of invention and practical patents, and started the global market layout, participated in the overseas local high-end photovoltaic professional exhibition, and reached strategic partnership with many government telecom enterprises in Europe and South America;


The company began to establish the service concept of "customer-centered", and began to try the product diversification strategy and the construction of production management system. The company passed the ISO9001/ISO14001 quality and environmental management system certification, which greatly improved the customer experience and product application field;


The company has initially completed the global market layout, formed a number of countries' brand agent, channel agent, OEM/ODM services for a number of global brand customers, especially the high-power MPPT controller has been designated for use in many countries' engineering projects, and signed with a number of universities to set up an industry-university-research base;


It made full use of the advantages of high-power technology to accumulate the depth of product development, and won a number of honors and awards in that year, participated in hundreds of off-grid solar engineering projects, involving telecommunications engineering, high-speed monitoring, forest fire prevention, government energy support and other application fields;


Won the national high-tech enterprise, the whole series of products coordinated and unified, iteratively upgraded the PC operating system, convenient for customers secondary development, and participated in the "non-profit solar energy project funding" project in many countries, boosting the development of the industry, return to the society, light up the world;


In order to better adapt to the user experience in mobile Internet +, the functions of WiFi and Bluetooth are distinguished, and multiple functions such as parallel machine and wake-up are added, making the product more scientific and intelligent. The innovation in multiple dimensions has revolutionized the conventional products in the industry and promoted the development of the industry.


It has improved the three systems of business development, quality control and human resources, built a learning organization, greatly improved the efficiency of the organization, and become a strategic partner of many photovoltaic international brand customers;


Formulated a new three-year development plan, formed a product-based, customer-centered, process-assured, team-supported four-dimensional integration strategy, officially began to rush MPPT controller iPandee era;


iPandee Company Culture

  • Our Mission

    promote the development of energy industry, create customer value, and help partners achieve themselves;

  • Our Vision

    become a world-class PV application solution brand enterprise;

  • Core Values

    Take "fraternity, development and morality" as the center;


One-Stop MPPT Solar Charge Controller Solutions

  • OEM/ODM Service
    Relying on the scale effect of IPANDEE to maximize product value under the condition of optimal cost, it can solve multiple problems such as research and development design, production and manufacturi...
  • Telecommunications
    Why Solar for Telecom?Many telecommunications infrastructures are located in remote, isolated areas—from mountain tops to desert regions— which are usually far from any electrical grid and rely on ...
  • Yachting, RV, Sightseeing Car Projects
    Solar yacht, RV, sightseeing vehicle projects usually have high electricity cost, and the traditional gasoline and diesel power generation conversion efficiency is low, and the operation is cumbersome...
  • Iron Towers, Sewage Emission Reduction, Forest Fire Prevention Projects
    Iron towers + photovoltaic project can not only reduce the overall cost of the system, but also improve the power supply guarantee rate of the system. It can also be applied to sewage emission reducti...
  • Highway Project
    The application of solar energy is one of the main road safety and monitoring equipment, because the road monitoring equipment is usually located far away from the grid or very high position, battery ...
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial Off-Grid Projects
    Ipandee household, commercial and industrial solutions mainly for residential roof (including farmers, villas, sun room, roof, roof, business super, office building, etc.), the user power consumption ...


iPandee Honor Certificates

  • design patent certificate 1
  • ce certificate
  • certificate of invention
  • ce certificate 2
  • design patent certificate 2
  • design patent certificate 5
  • design patent certificate 3
  • design patent certificate 4
  • iso9001
  • iso14001
  • fcc certificate
  • software copyright certificate 2
  • software copyright certificate 3
  • rohs certificate
  • software copyright certificate 1
  • software copyright certificate 4
  • software copyright certificate 5
  • software copyright certificate 6
  • software copyright certificate 7
  • utility certificate 1
  • software copyright certificate 8
  • utility certificate 2
  • utility certificate 5
  • utility certificate 4
  • utility certificate 3
  • utility certificate 7
  • utility certificate 6


Factory show

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Social Responsibility

  • 2014 Public welfare donation

    When a 6.5-magnitude earthquake hit Ludian County in Yunnan Province in 2014, iPandee raised money for the disaster area.

    According to the current information from the local civil affairs department, the disaster-hit areas in Yunnan are in urgent need of daily necessities such as water and food. All the staff of iPandee immediately raised funds and donated some daily necessities for Ludian County to help the reconstruction of the disaster-hit areas.

  • Public benefit power station for primary school

    In June 2020, iPandee and Shenzhen Solar Energy Association joined hands to build a love power station in Ganzi Lower Luokema Primary School.

    In the Lower Luokema Primary School in Ganze, Tibetan Autonomous Region, the area is remote and the environment is difficult. The local electricity supply is often insufficient, and the children's learning and education environment is greatly disturbed.

    After the field visit, Ipandee donated the self-developed Galaxy Xinghe series high-power controller to adapt the photovoltaic module according to the local harsh environment such as high altitude and dry, which brought more stable and efficient performance to the photovoltaic power station, and made full use of solar energy to bring enough energy to the school.