Ipandee MPPT solar charge controllers can be widely used for 12V/24V/36V/48V/96V/192V/240V/384V/480V solar systems, OEM/ODM service is also avaiable for other needs. Ipandee professional and reliable MPPT solar charge controllers have been used  in many residential and commercial fields, such as RVs, boats, household, telecommunications, mines, oil fields, road and forest monitoring systems,etc. With experience R&D team, Ipandee can help customers to customize MPPT solar charge controllers different specifications and designs.

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    OEM/ODM Service

    Relying on the scale effect of IPANDEE to maximize product value under the condition of optimal cost, it can solve multiple problems such as research and development design, production and manufacturi...

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    Why Solar for Telecom?Many telecommunications infrastructures are located in remote, isolated areas—from mountain tops to desert regions— which are usually far from any electrical grid and rely on ...

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    Yachting, RV, Sightseeing Car Projects

    Solar yacht, RV, sightseeing vehicle projects usually have high electricity cost, and the traditional gasoline and diesel power generation conversion efficiency is low, and the operation is cumbersome...

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    Iron Towers, Sewage Emission Reduction, Forest Fire Prevention Projects

    Iron towers + photovoltaic project can not only reduce the overall cost of the system, but also improve the power supply guarantee rate of the system. It can also be applied to sewage emission reducti...

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    Highway Project

    The application of solar energy is one of the main road safety and monitoring equipment, because the road monitoring equipment is usually located far away from the grid or very high position, battery ...

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    Residential, Commercial, Industrial Off-Grid Projects

    Ipandee household, commercial and industrial solutions mainly for residential roof (including farmers, villas, sun room, roof, roof, business super, office building, etc.), the user power consumption ...

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