Iron towers + photovoltaic project can not only reduce the overall cost of the system, but also improve the power supply guarantee rate of the system. It can also be applied to sewage emission reduction, forest fire prevention projects and centralized power supply of communication base stations to meet the power demand of loads.


Ipandee New Energy Iron towers + photovoltaic solution realizes renewable energy power supply for the tower project backup power supply, improves the backup power supply support ability of the tower project, prevents the tower from being affected by the base station function due to unexpected power supply shortage, and solves the monitoring and power supply problem of the high-voltage transmission line.

The product adopts self-developed patented MPPT control algorithm technology, which can always maintain the maximum power point tracking efficiency in high and low power segments. It has the dual functions of current limiting and power limiting while obtaining energy from solar panels, and the protection mechanism of automatic power reduction for high temperature charging, which fully ensures the system stability of the product when connected to excess photovoltaic modules and operating in high temperature environment.


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