One-Stop MPPT Solar Charge Controller Solutions
One-Stop MPPT Solar Charge Controller Solutions
One-Stop MPPT Solar Charge Controller Solutions
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OEM/ODM Service

Relying on the scale effect of IPANDEE to maximize product value under the condition of optimal cost, it can solve multiple problems such as research and development design, production and manufacturi...

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More and more base stations are located in remote areas, such as suburbs, islands, deserts, etc. These areas are usually far from any power grid and rely heavily on on-site power generation for operat...

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Yachting, RV, Sightseeing Car Projects

Solar yacht, RV, sightseeing vehicle projects usually have high electricity cost, and the traditional gasoline and diesel power generation conversion efficiency is low, and the operation is cumbersome...

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Iron Towers, Sewage Emission Reduction, Forest Fire Prevention Projects

Iron towers + photovoltaic project can not only reduce the overall cost of the system, but also improve the power supply guarantee rate of the system. It can also be applied to sewage emission reducti...

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Highway Project

The application of solar energy is one of the main road safety and monitoring equipment, because the road monitoring equipment is usually located far away from the grid or very high position, battery ...

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Residential, Commercial, Industrial Off-Grid Projects

Ipandee household, commercial and industrial solutions mainly for residential roof (including farmers, villas, sun room, roof, roof, business super, office building, etc.), the user power consumption ...

Solar Array Connection


Average Sunshine  Hour(according to the local average sunshine time)


Rated Power  W
Load Working Time
Continuous Rainy Day  Day
Rainy Days Interval  Day


Battery Voltage  V
Discharge Depth  %


Conversion Rate  %
Load Working Power (max)/Inverter Rated Power  %

MPPT Controller

Conversion Rate  %
Solar Array Power /MPPT Controller Rated Power  %


Load Required Power Generation(Per Day)  WH
Solar Array Total Power  W
Battery Nominal Voltage  V Capacity  AH Full Charge Time  Day Sustainable Working  Day
Inverter DC Input Voltage  V Rated Power (Min)  W
MPPT ControllerController Voltage  V Rated Current (Min)  A
Solar Array Connection

Solar Array

Rated Power  W
Expected Distri. Ratio     %
Total Power  W

Single Panel

Rated Power  W
Voc  V
Vmpp  V

Battery Pack

Single Cell      V
Series Number        PCS
Battery Pack Volt  V

MPPT Controller

Max. Input Voc  V


Number Of Solar Panels  PCS
Solutions (Min Series): Min. Series No.  PCS Parallel No.  PCS Solar Panels  PCS Actual Distri. Ratio  %
Solution (Max Series):Max. Series No.  PCS Parallel No.  PCS Solar Panels  PCS Actual Distri. Ratio  %
Optimal Solutions:Optimal Series No.  PCS Parallel No.  PCS Solar Panels  PCS Actual Distri. Ratio  %
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2. Above data is for reference only.


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