Explorer-NS series (12V/24V,30A-60A)MPPT solar charge controller

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The Explorer-NS series

MPPT solar charge controller

System voltage: 12/24V (AUTO)

Charge current: 30A;40A;50A;60A

Max PV input: 100V/150V

Maximum solar panel power: 260W-1680W

Lithium battery automatic activation function

Support remote control&monitor (PC software and APP)

RS485 communication

Suitable for RV,  yaht/boat, household

OEM/ODM available, all functions and specifications can be customized.

MPPT solar charge controller Explorer-NS(12V/24V,20A-60A) Specifications

Explorer - NS SeriesNS24L30NS24L40NS24H50NS24H60
Product Category
MPPT efficiency99.50%
Battery system12V  System:9VDC~15VDC    24V  System:18VDC~30VDC
Input Characteristics
Max.PV input voltage(Voc)100VDC150VDC
Charge Characteristics
Battery typesSealed(SEL),Gel(GEL),Flooded(FLD),User-defined(USER)
AGM, LiFePO4(4 Strings / 7 Strings / 8 strings),Ternary lithium battery(3 Strings / 6 strings / 7 strings), Custom lithium ion battery(Lit)
Rated charge current30A40A50A60A
LOAD Characteristics
Rated load current20A30A
Other Parameters
IP(Ingress protection)IP21
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Main Feature of MPPT solar charge controller Explorer-NS(12V/24V,20A-60A)

MPPT solar charge controller Explorer-NS(12V/24V,20A-60A) Technical Drawing

Application of MPPT solar charge controller Explorer-NS(12V/24V,20A-60A)

  • Household

  • RV

  • Solar Monitoring System

  • Base Station



The household photovoltaic power generation system can meet the electricity demand in areas without electricity or unstable electricity, and its power level generally ranges from several hundred watts to several kilowatts.



Solar RVs/ships can complement gasoline/diesel power generation by building solar modules and MPPT solar charge controllers, making full use of new energy and reducing electricity costs.

Solar Monitoring System

Solar Monitoring System

The solar monitoring system is generally used for road monitoring of urban and rural roads. The intelligent solar charging system can realize the intelligent remote monitoring and management of monitoring equipment and reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the system.

Base Station

Base Station

The use of solar energy systems for base stations and communication stations can not only reduce the overall cost of the system, but also improve the power supply guarantee rate of the system. It can also be applied to the centralized power supply of villages, islands and communication base stations to meet the power demand of the load.