Remote meter MH-M80

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1. Automatically identify and display relevant parameters of connected devices.

2. OLED real-time display of operating data and working status.

3. Six navigated function buttons, make the operation intuitive, convenient and fast.
4. Directly supply power to the display unit from the controller, which requires no additional external power.
5. Support real-time data monitoring, remote load switch, data browsing, and modification of equipment parameters/charging control parameters/load control parameters.

6. Based on the RS485 communication bus, long communication distance.

Technical specifications of HM-M80

Dimension80mm diameter, 17.5mm high
Mounting hole3mm
Installation MethodMagnetic suction + screw
Communication interfaceRJ45
Supply voltage4.8V~5.5V
Power Consumption≤0.5W
Power supplyConnect to controller
CommunicationRS485 bus