With the continuous development of production technology, the use of new energy is becoming more and more widespread. Compared with traditional energy, solar energy, which is endless and inexhaustible, has many superior components. As an important solar charge and discharge controller, MPPT controller plays a crucial role in collecting and utilizing solar energy. What are the principles and functions of MPPT controllers? We will explain it for you below.

What is an MPPT controller?

The MPPT controller, namely the Maximum Power Point Tracking controller, is an upgraded version of traditional solar controllers with better performance.

The role of MPPT controller

MPPT controller can detect and track the output voltage and current of the solar panel group in real time, control the solar charging system to always provide maximum power, and coordinate the entire system.

In order to charge the battery with the solar cell panel, the output voltage must be higher than the battery voltage to achieve the transmission and storage of energy. Through the use of MPPT controllers, the charging power can be maximized, and the system can be controlled and adjusted in different seasons, temperatures, and environments to achieve the maximum voltage under the current situation and improve charging efficiency.

In theory, MPPT controllers can increase charging power by 20%-50%, and in some cases, power may be reduced.

MPPT controllers mainly adjust the voltage by checking the main circuit's DC voltage and current and calculating the power to maximize it, which includes several physical principles to support the technology supply of MPPT controllers to meet the demand for green and sustainable energy in modern society, providing energy continuously for the healthy development of cities.

These are the main principles and functions of MPPT controllers, which can achieve better energy utilization and ensure the normal operation of society, saving resources and reducing energy usage costs for the world.

This technological innovation also makes people's use of solar energy more efficient.

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