The charging modes of MPPT solar pv charge controller

The MPPT solar pv controller uses three modes: constant voltage equalization charging, MPPT limited flow charging, and constant voltage floating charging.

Constant Voltage Equalization Charging:

The battery can be switched between MPPT charging and constant current charging modes to let the battery reach saturation voltage. Once the battery voltage has reached the saturation voltage, it enters the constant voltage equalization charging stage. As the battery charging current gradually decreases, it will stop this charging stage when it reaches 0.01C and enter the floating charging stage.

MPPT Limited Flow Charging:

When the battery terminal voltage is very low, the MPPT solar pv charge controller is used for charging to draw the power of the solar panel at the battery terminal. When the light intensity is strong and the power of the solar panel increases, the charging current reaches the threshold and MPPT charging stops and switches to constant current charging. When the light intensity weakens, it will switch to MPPT charging mode.

Constant Voltage Floating Charging:

A slightly lower voltage than constant voltage charging is given to the battery for floating charging. This stage is mainly used to replenish the kinetic energy consumed by battery self-discharge.

The charging modes of PWM solar pv charge controller

The PWM solar pv controller uses three charging modes: equalization charging, strong charging, and floating charging.

Equalization Charging:

After strong charging, the battery will be static for a while until the voltage naturally drops to the corresponding value, and it will enter the equalization charging state, allowing the battery terminal voltage to have uniform consistency.

Strong Charging:

Also known as straight charging, it means fast charging. When the battery voltage is low, the battery is charged with a large current and a relatively high voltage.

Floating Charging:

After equalization charging is completed, the battery is static for a while. When the voltage naturally drops to the "maintenance voltage" point, it is the floating charging stage, which allows the battery to maintain a fully charged state without excessive charging.

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