What are solar controllers?

Solar controllers, also known as a solar charge-discharge controller, is an automatic control system machine device that manipulates the solar battery panel to charge the battery and provide power to the load system in a solar power generation software system.

Analysis of charging and discharging of battery by solar controllers

It is a key control part of the entire solar power generation and distribution system, requiring various requirements and manipulations for battery charging and discharging, and controlling the solar cell components and batteries to output electromagnetic energy to the load according to the switching power supply requirements of the load.

Battery charging

  • The photogenerated current is sent to the solar controllers, and a dedicated integrated circuit is used for intelligent adjustment, and multi-level charging protection is added to ensure the safety and service life of the charging battery;

  • When the battery voltage reaches a certain level, the charging of the storage battery is terminated.


  • For the load power supply system, the battery current is first injected into the solar controller, and after being adjusted by it, the current is sent to the load machine device;

  • Ensure a smooth discharge current and prevent the battery from being over-discharged.


  • Conduct testing throughout the entire charging and discharging process;

  • Issue an alarm immediately if a problem is discovered.

Efficacy of solar panels

Maintenance of reverse connection of solar charging battery: The rotation of the “+/-” optical activity of the solar charging battery is incorrect, and after correction, it can be reused.

Efficacy of the storage battery

  • Overcharge and discharge maintenance;

  • Maintenance of backforce and reverse connection;

  • Routing maintenance: If the storage battery is routed, but the solar charging battery is charging normally, the solar controller will limit the two DC voltages of the load.

Efficacy of the load machine device

Overcurrent and overload protection: The fuse wire will fuse when the load current exceeds the rated current or a load short circuit fault occurs. After replacement, it can be reused.

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